Planning for activities is based on the stage of development for each child.

We start where each child is, and after detailed observations,  plan learning experiences accordingly . Emphasis is placed on each child learning through play and self-discovery.

The Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage curriculum is organized into six areas of learning:

1. Personal, Social & emotional development

These include areas of learning & development through personal, social and emotional development. Children will be encouraged to develop confidence and independence whilst learning to concentrate and enjoy sharing as part of a group.

2. Communication, Language and Literacy

Children will learn through stories, songs and rhymes. They will be encouraged to talk about experiences which will help them increase their vocabulary. They will learn through books, the letters of the alphabet, their shape and sound, familiar words and how to recognise them. Drawings will be used to communicate as well as writing names using upper and lower case letters.



3. Problem Solving, Resoning and Development

Practical activities are provided to help children develop an understanding of simple mathematical concepts - sorting, matching, counting, weighing, ordering and sequencing. Recognizing, matching and naming shapes are developed through games, puzzles and pattern making. Through practical and fun activities, children are able to enjoy using and experimenting with numbers and mathematical concepts.

4. Knowledge & understanding of the world

Children will investigate things and places around them. They will discover how and why things happen and how they work. They learn about what they eat and how food grows. They also learn about what happens inside fruit, vegetables and other foods and where they come from. Children will learn about other countries and languages and on a basic level how these form the world.

5. Physical Development

At KIDZ FIRST we pay attention to children's physical development. The children use a range of large and small equipment. They will run, jump, and play in groups, and through this they learn team work skills. It is a statutory requirement to spend time outside each day regardless of weather, which allows for essential gross motor development and beneficial fresh air. We also encourage play that will stimulate co-ordination and physical development.

6. Creative Development

We explore sound, colour, textures, shapes, space formed in three dimensions. We discuss what they see, hear, smell, touch and taste. We will demonstrate the use of imagination through art,music, dance and stories. Through this we teach them the ability to listen and look.

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