KIDZ FIRST is a committed to working in partnership with parents to the effect development of their children.

Settling your child into nursery is a joint venture between your child, yourself and the nursery staff. It may be the first time that there has been a separation between you and your child and we feel that this initial break should be as positive and relaxed as possible. It is an important step for future separations, such as the start of infant school.

Settling in is a time when the teacher and the nursery nurses can build up a positive relationship with your child and yourself and it is helpful if the same adult brings the child at first.

It is important to arrive on time (except on the first day – please see below). This helps to establish a routine and enables your child to feel a member of the class.

How long should you stay?

Please try to stay for the amount of time agreed upon at the meeting with your child’s key person. If your child needs extra settling time your key person will help you with this.

What should you bring?

A set of spare clothes (with your child’s name in), a comforter or toy and a snack, Proof of Address, Birth Certificate and child’s Immunization Records


What should you do and what will happen when you first arrive?


When coming in help your child identify their named coat peg and hang up his/her coat/ bag

  • You will be introduced to your child’s key person who will speak to you about what the child enjoys doing, their routine, how they respond to change and challenge, what is likely to upset them and what strategies are beneficial when the child is distressed or challenging.

  • Your child key person will introduce your child to the activities on offer.

What should you expect?

Your child may not want to take part in any activities, please do not worry for it takes time for children to be comfortable to do these things with unfamiliar people.

When to leave your child


We require parents to stay with their children through out the time on the first day. However as from the second day:


  • Once your child is settled at an activity, try to move away, but keep within sight

  • Gradually move out of sight of your child

  • Once your child seems happy to play without you present, (for more than five minutes), you can inform your child you are going to go out of the room for a minute but will be back. Please note your child may not want you to leave on that day or may not be able to understand that you are coming back when you say bye, as a result some parents have had to slip out of sight unnoticed.

  • If your child does not accept, wait a little while longer.

  • If your child accepts, leave the room and wait in the foyer, your child’s key person will support your child and where necessary, to call you back. We do have a foyer downstairs where parents can read and a shopping complex which is five minutes away from the setting. Parents are advised to be within reach and to leave their mobile numbers on.

Pleas note this process may take longer than five sessions, but will work in the end. Further more, some children settle quite quickly on the first week but then seem to need more reassurance and you may need to begin the settling process again.

Though this experience can be an anxious and emotional time we would like to assure you that the staff have experienced the settling in process with many children and have comforted many parents as well as children.

Remember, we are here to support you and your child at this important time so talk to us if you have any concerns however small.


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